Samurai and Ninja Experience (Toshima, Tokyo, Japan Tourism)

I love Japan! Also, everyone who is planning a trip to Japan!
It’s a minor area compared to Asakusa and Kyoto, but do you know Sugamo, Tokyo where you can taste local Japan?
In the shopping district near [Togenuki Jizoson Koganji Temple], you can enjoy the fair on days marked with a <<4>>. “Today is April 14th.” It was the day of the fair.
It is the birthplace of somei-yoshino cherry blossoms, and there are traces of the mansion where Yoshinobu Tokugawa, the last shogun of the Edo Shogunate, spent his time. Honmyo-ji is also home to the grave of Shusaku Chiba, a master swordsman from the Edo period.
Please come to Sugamo, where you can experience swords, Japanese sweets, and fairs in a place full of history and humanity associated with samurai!
We offer samurai and ninja experiences to foreigners visiting Japan. We can also provide and produce Japanese cultural performances. “Let us know how you can enjoy Japan even more!”